Military Bible Challenge

The Military Bible Challenge


As you may know, in 2021, the Armed Services Ministry of the American Bible Society is challenging 500,000 Service members, Veterans, and their families around the country to experience the transformational power of God’s Word – just 20 minutes a day for 75 days – through a program that’s practical, easy to follow, and tailored to the needs of the military community. And we’re glad that you’re going to join us here in the National Capital Region (NCR)!


The Military Bible Challenge is a program with Scripture integrity that will help our NCR military community engage more deeply in God’s Word and simultaneously help them form a daily Bible reading habit.  We believe that consistent and deep Scripture engagement provides long-term benefits such as healing, hope, spiritual fitness, and resiliency.


The Military Bible Challenge Online Reading Plan consists of 75 Bible passages divided into five challenges of 15 days each (see below).  Each of the devotions is contextualized to the military which makes them highly relatable and interesting to read.

Can We Count On You?

As ministry stakeholders, you’ll be able to use this resource to jump-start a local ministry to the military, evangelism and discipleship, and launching small group studies.


Participants can register and get started reading online immediately.