The Nehemiah Project

The Nehemiah Project

Transformational Ministry Approaches to Training, Equipping, and Launching Your Military to Become Missional

The Old Testament servant of the Lord, Nehemiah, felt great passion regarding the dire condition of the wall surrounding Jerusalem, the city of God.  After becoming the governor of Jerusalem, he mobilizes the Israelites to rebuild the walls of the city in only 52 days, restoring the hearts of many.


With rebuilt walls, the people of Jerusalem no longer felt defenseless and humiliated.  The walls signaled that God once again blessed His people.  A good wall also gave the people a sense of security and community.

Today, in the National Capital Region, we recognize the walls of protection and security around many in our military community are in disrepair.  The grind of military life has taken its toll on families impacted by multiple moves, training, separation and deployment, and even combat trauma.  Today, military suicides have reached the highest rate since record-keeping began after 9/11.  Indeed, the walls around our hero military members are crumbling. We know that some churches face challenges on how to effectively minister to their military with tools, resources, and education. By adopting a focused strategy and incorporating the best ministry practices, we believe these churches can make a substantial difference in the lives of military individuals and families.


Like Nehemiah, The NCR Military Ministry Alliance seeks to help rebuild those walls for the sake of the gospel.  We’ve heard from numerous churches in the National Capital Region that they could use help in getting started.  So we’re preparing to lock arms with our local churches in order to help them construct, or strengthen, the walls of ministry to their military. Before the building can take place, we’ll need to find the best blueprints available. So we’re conducting a nationwide survey of selected military friendly churches to obtain their best strategies and ministry practices.  As we collect them, we’d like to share them with you and even help you get started with the construction, if necessary. Like Nehemiah, we’re dependent upon the Lord to help in this God-sized task…but we’re confident He will illuminate the path forward!


If your church would like to be a part of The Nehemiah Project, feel free to contact us at or simply take this survey: Click here.

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