Why the NCRMMA?

Our nation employs the doctrine of team warfare to fight our nation’s wars. Using the complementary forces from our Army, Navy, Marines, Air Force, and Special Forces, we are meant to train and fight together as a team ensure success on the modern battlefield.


Today, we face the reality of a spiritual war that is unprecedented as we fight for the souls of men, women, and families that serve and support our military. The imperative to work together has never been greater. Consider this: many military marriages are struggling to survive, one of every five combat veterans suffer with Post Traumatic Stress, suicide rates among our veterans continue to be high, and service restructuring is causing involuntary separations.

Sadly, many of our warrior heroes and their families are struggling with hopelessness and despair. Yet, we have historic opportunities to bring hope to them by working together in two strategic ways:


1 |  Mobilizing churches to minister to the military community in their midst.


2 |  Partnering together and leveraging resources – Chaplains, Pastors, Parachurch representatives, and volunteers – where it makes sense, in order to help meet spiritual needs in military communities.


The NCR Military Ministry Alliance seeks to empower local ministry to the military by encouraging and facilitating a spirit of collaboration. Advancing the gospel requires a team effort that will enable us to do together what we cannot do alone!